Why the Fashion World Still Looks to Princess Di? The late Princess was a style icon who never missed an opportunity to show off her unique personality. While the fashion world may look to the likes of Coco Chanel and Vera Wang to get inspired, Diana also had a profound influence on pop culture. Her influence has been felt everywhere from the runway to the silver screen. From Vogue to GQ, Diana has had a big impact on the fashion industry.

Her popularity coincided with the rise of 80’s fashion trends, making her a challenging muse for designers. She wore clothes by British designers and embraced the new trends. As her style developed, she incorporated more daring styles. In fact, she helped the fashion industry by becoming a global charity ambassador. The Princess also sported dresses by Versace and Dior, with the former becoming one of the most iconic royals in history to wear cleavage and mini skirt suits.

After Diana died, the fashion world continued to look to her for inspiration. In the years that followed her death, she adopted a more progressive wardrobe, making her more sexy and daring than ever before. She worked closely with some British designers, but grew into her own style as she became more confident and grew her brand. While remaining loyal to British designers, she also embraced European designs, which resulted in a more eclectic and modern aesthetic.

As a fashion icon, Diana’s clothing helped her take back control of her narrative. Her fashion sense, her humanitarian work, and her activism all played a role in her reputation. Those efforts have helped her become an icon, and her style is still revered. In 2016, the label she created for Diana re-released a black sheep sweater. In an hour, three months’ worth of these sweaters were sold, proving the power of the black sheep.

The Princess’ style changed over the years. In the early 1980s, she followed the trends of the decade. She wore dresses with a hemline that touched the knee, with matching accessories. She remained loyal to some British designers, but eventually began to wear European designers. Her influence was felt far beyond the royal family. Unlike the era when only women wore short skirts, she embraced the cleavage trend.

A recent study published in the Journal of Fashion History reveals that Diana’s style was a reflection of her age and her style. The princess wore oversized sweatshirts, tartan, and even a varsity jacket. She wore many of the same items as Diana, including those with high-cut v-necks. And her signature red lipstick was a favorite of the royal family.

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